Mark Busse


Mark Busse is a creative professional with a strong belief in the power of curiosity, creativity, conversation, and compassion as catalysts for community-building and positive change. A Fellow of the Graphic Designers of Canada, Busse has specialized in creative strategy, communication design, public engagement, and is a lifelong student of the art of hosting. After 20 years managing his own consultancy, often putting him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions in business, community, and the arts, Busse joined the interdisciplinary design and architecture team at HCMA, a purprose-driven firm that focuses on community and urban issues with three offices in western Canada. An experienced process designer and facilitator, Busse supports HCMA’s commitment to effectively engaging with community and stakeholders in all facets of their practice. As Director ot TILT Curiosity Labs, he leads strategic initiatives that expose HCMA’s over 100 staff to community, various creative experiments, investigations, interventions, and collaborations outside of the daily grind of traditional, client-oriented project work. One such initiative is CreativeMornings/Vancouver, a popular free, monthly, breakfast lecture and dialogue series on creativity. Busse is also an outspoken design industry writer, speaker, and activist, serving on various industry boards, advisory councils, and education programs.