Nicholas Longo


Nicholas V. Longo is a professor in the Department of Global Studies and a faculty fellow for engaged scholarship with the Center for Teaching Excellence at Providence College. He also co-directs the Dialogue, Inclusion, and Democracy (Lab) which focuses on using deliberative, community-based pedagogies to promote equity and democracy, and he is a faculty mentor and board member of College Unbound, a college working to re-invent higher education for returning adult learners.

He served as a program officer at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation in the area of civic education, the inaugural director of the Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute at Miami University in Ohio, and the director of Campus Compact’s national youth civic engagement initiative, Raise Your Voice.

Nick is author of a number of books, articles, and reports on issues of youth civic education, engaged scholarship, deliberative pedagogy, global citizenship, and service-learning. His publications include: Why Community Matters: Connecting Education with Civic Life (SUNY Press) and several co-edited volumes, including Creating Space for Democracy: A Primer on Dialogue and Deliberation in Higher Education (Stylus) and Deliberative Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Democratic Engagement (Michigan State University Press). He was awarded the Early Career Research Award from the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSCLE) in 2009, and holds a Master’s in Public Affairs from the Humphrey Institute and a Ph.D. in education from the University of Minnesota.

Nick lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife, Aleida. Together, they have a great passion for educating the next generation of democratic citizens, starting with their children, Maya and Noah.