Susanna Haas-Lyons


Susanna Haas Lyons is a civic engagement specialist. She designs participation strategies, facilitates complex meetings, and provides training for better conversations between decision-makers and those most impacted by an issue. Bridging online and face-to-face methods, she has worked for 15+ years on some of North America’s largest and most complex citizen and stakeholder engagement projects, including: electoral reform for the province of British Columbia; rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans; electronic health records for the US federal government; and the City of Vancouver’s transportation future. Previously, Susanna was a Senior Network Associate with the Washington DC-based non-profit organisation AmericaSpeaks, a global leader in large-scale public participation. Susanna teaches in SFU's Dialogue and Civic Engagement certificate program, the Justice Institute of BC’s Center for Leadership, and for Alberta Municipal Affairs. She is also a judge for Canada’s International Association for Public Participation annual awards that recognize excellence and innovation in public participation.