Sabreena Delhon



Sabreena Delhon is the Executive Director of the Samara Centre for Democracy, ​​a non-partisan civil society organization that is committed to securing an accessible, responsive, and inclusive democratic culture in Canada. Her work as a Fellow focuses on enhancing democratic capability in Canada.

Prior to joining the Samara Centre, Sabreena was the Principal of Signal Strategies and managed access to justice initiatives at the Law Society of Ontario. She has directed research studies that examine public perceptions of legal technology and the justice system and whose results have informed the work of Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General and can be found on law school syllabi.

Sabreena is frequently called on to provide commentary and speak to media outlets about the health of Canadian democracy. She holds a M.A. in Sociology from Dalhousie University and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Alberta.

In 2016, Delhon conceived, coordinated and launched the first annual Access to Justice Week, bringing together government, community and justice-sector partners to examine complex issues such as digital inclusion, Indigenous child welfare and public legal education from new perspectives. This framework has since been adopted by regions across the country.

About Sabreena's Fellowship

Some of the activities the Samara Centre are exploring include:

  • Improving dialogue by studying online toxicity on Twitter during elections with SAMbot
  • Fostering renewed civic purpose and accessible community engagement
  • Understanding the experience of Canadian parliamentarians to build more representative and inclusive elected leadership

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