Brenda Tang


Areas of Focus: Operations and Admin
Pronouns: she/her

Brenda is a creative problem solver and collaborative leader. 

She bridges the divide between innovative programming and complex policies and procedures while leading core operational teams. She is the go-to resource on all queries, from telling the Centre’s financial story, to guiding staff through human resources matters or providing the code to the lunch room, her enthusiasm and upbeat persona complements the culture of the Centre and the wider team.

Typically Brenda works behind the scenes but had the opportunity to travel and work with the engagement team on the Establishing a Chinese Canadian Museum in British Columbia project and considers it one of her career highlights.

Brenda is the recipient of the 2021 SFU Staff Achievement Award in Work Performance and a member of the award-winning Vancouver Catering Steering Committee for the 2020 President’s Award for Leadership in Sustainability.

What is your role at the Centre for Dialogue?

My role is to ensure that all workings on the backend support the innovative work we do on the front end for dialogue and public engagement. This can sometimes be challenging within defined policies and procedures but that also brings many opportunities to collaborate and think differently. The areas which I support are within all levels of operations: financial oversight; human resources; donor stewardship and fundraising; student pedagogy and engagement; event management as well as working alongside my colleagues to develop the vision and strategy of the Centre.

What does dialogue mean to you?

To me, dialogue means coming to the table with an open mind and deeply listening to what others have to offer. You don’t have to agree but you do need to bring an intention of understanding someone else’s perspective.

What is a common assumption you'd like to demystify?

A common assumption about dialogue is that we’re just talking and there aren’t any results. Having witnessed real shifts in people’s perspectives and real-world outcomes, dialogue does have a transformative effect.

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