Jonas Pinzon Osorio


Areas of Focus: Urban Planning
Pronouns: he/him

Jonas has a long-standing passion and expertise in multimodal transportation planning and data analysis. He holds a master’s degree in geography from the University of British Columbia (UBC). 

His academic background is complemented by a commitment to researching climate driven solutions and implementing alternative modes of transportation. He is particularly interested in two questions: First, how does the ongoing urban (re)configuration empower future generations? And second, who are we building Canadian cities for?

As the Program Coordinator at Moving in a Livable Region (MLR), he supports MLR with event management, research at the interstices of climate change, housing, and transportation, as well as with stakeholder and community engagement activities.

His professional journey has taken Jonas to work with municipal governments to implement initiatives to advance active modes of transportation in cities, engage citizens in transit-oriented projects, and create spaces for communities to enact change.

Jonas also finds purpose in long-distance running and loves indulging in Latin American cuisine.

What is your role at the Centre for Dialogue?

Program Coordinator at Moving in a Livable Region (MLR).

What does dialogue mean to you?

To me, dialogue is about embracing difference, actively contemplating the conflicts that may emerge from this difference and ultimately a democratic way to take action.

What is a common assumption you'd like to demystify?

A common assumption that I would like to de-mistify is that creating public policy is not always based on rational decision-making (e.g., building metro stations in low density areas may be driven by politics rather than the actual need for a metro station).

Affiliated Initiatives and Resources

Highlights and Achievements

  • Mobility Pricing Regional Dialogue
  • Multi-Level Governance for Climate Action Research
  • Mobility Pricing Discussion Guide
  • North Shore E-Bike Share Pilot Program