Kelvin Chan


Areas of Focus: Finance and Administration 
Pronouns: he/him/they/them


Kelvin holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography with a Minor in Communications in Dialogue. 

He assists in managing the financial processes for the various programs at the SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and reports to the Director of Operations. Kelvin sees dialogue and engagement as an opportunity to be part of a medium that helps us wonder, discover and be inspired by an individual’s unique narrative.

What is your role at the Centre for Dialogue?

I am a Budget Assistant here at the Centre for Dialogue. I advise programs and project personnel on the requirements are for processing invoices, expense claims, and sourcing certain preferred suppliers at the University. I advise on the policies and policies when consulted. I also review items for completeness so that I can move them forward to be approved by the account holders then move them to Finance.

What does dialogue mean to you?

Dialogue, to me, means, finding out more about ourselves, others, and our relationship to each other through common values we share. Dialogue, to me, means that change doesn’t always manifest in tangible ways, rather found in the attitudes and approaches we have with one another.

What is a common assumption you'd like to demystify?

Finance isn’t hard. Just takes a little bit of time, and thinking proactively.

Affiliated Initiatives and Resources

  • Most project funnel through me someway or another, exception of CEC where Stella is the primary liaison.

Highlights and Achievements

  • Various one-pagers developed in collaboration with my colleagues found in the Financial Processing folder in Sharepoint. Eg. Procurement & Purchasing, Honorarium, Incoming Funding instructions.