Stella Frederica


Areas of Focus: Finance and Administration 
Pronouns: she/her

Born and raised in Indonesia, Stella now calls Canada her home. 

Stella has a few years of experience in finance and accounting in Indonesia, Australia, and Canada. She likes to find ways on how to improve processes to be more efficient and more practical, at work and in life.

What is your role at the Centre for Dialogue?

I help the team to keep their expenses within their means, letting them know when they have extra money or running out of funds, and help them better plan for the future. I learn about the challenges the team is facing and continuously work together to improve the processes.

What does dialogue mean to you?

I have not been exposed to the real meaning of dialogue before I joined the centre. I now know that there are many different perspectives on a single issue, and they are all valid.

What is a common assumption you'd like to demystify?

I’d always thought that there can only be one correct argument, but this isn’t true for dialogue. I learned that it is more important to listen and understand others than trying to be right.

Affiliated Initiatives and Resources

  • Democratic Participation Initiatives

Highlights and Achievements

  • Simplified the cost recovery process at the centre
  • Created multi-funder and multi-year budgeting worksheet for various programs at the centre