Stephanie Hall


Areas of Focus: Communications
Pronouns: she/her

Stephanie is a multi-faceted communicator dedicated to making a positive difference for the world, one small step at a time. 

With over eight years’ experience, she has a knack for finding clarity in complexity and has been described as bringing a sense of grounded-ness to processes that feel ambiguous. Stephanie enjoys building creative, multi-modal strategies that help shift mindsets and share knowledge in a compassionate way.

In her role at the Centre, Stephanie is privileged to lead a team of talented communicators who together deliver strategic solutions for diverse initiatives, including the re-design of this website, production of the Talk Dialogue To Me podcast and creation of videos to tell the story of transforming democratic participation and experiential learning.

In previous roles, Stephanie provided comprehensive communications for organizations such as SARAVYC, EMBERS and Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. Her work includes producing videos, creating multi-language products, making research findings accessible to a broad audience, developing websites, setting up streamlined systems for communications and more.

All in all, Stephanie is a communicator, storyteller, digital strategist and mentor delighted to be surrounded by the caring and accomplished change-makers at the Centre.

What is your role at the Centre for Dialogue?

My role here is kind of like putting puzzle pieces together to showcase the brilliant work we do at the Centre. In practice, it’s a blend project management and creative direction to manage a talented team and provide strategic communications for various initiatives. Strategic communications can encompass anything from newsletters, blog posts and social media to video production, paid campaigns, web design and more, all combined in a meaningful way to influence, inform and tell a story.

What does dialogue mean to you?

I was new to dialogue as a tool for change when I started at the Centre. Now that I’ve been exposed to dialogue on a daily basis, to me, it’s an essential tool for innovation that helps bridge differences, resolve conflict and move progress forward in a way that holds space for everyone's voices. The world’s complexities feel heavy. They keep us up at night and it can feel daunting to find our role in making a difference. Dialogue can help, and all it takes to get started is a question.

What is a common assumption you'd like to de-mistify?

A common myth for dialogue, and communications for that matter, is that it’s all about being a strong public speaker. While there is space to speak and tell your story, in dialogue, a lot of the process is about listening to new perspectives and genuinely considering their point of view. Same goes for communications!