Foreign Policy Camp

February 15, 2008

Canada’s World hosted the first-ever ForeignPolicyCamp, which was a highly interactive hybrid conference that enabled participants to co-create the agenda.

The goal of the ForeignPolicyCamp was to shine a spotlight on new thinkers and doers in Canadian foreign policy while creating a space to come together and share ideas as equals. Participants included: students, artists, techies, educators, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, military officers, and diplomats.

The ForeignPolicyCamp was held in Vancouver, BC on November 30, 2009 and featured:

  • Regional case studies on Canadian foreign policy
  • Open sessions on topics determined and led by participants
  • A collaborative multimedia Mashboard, provided by Mergenta, which conglomerated various social media and interactive tools together on a dashboard-style page, including live feeds from note takers, Twitter discussions, live roaming cameras, word clouds, and live survey results
  • photo gallery

Satellite camps were also held in MontrealEdmonton, and Toronto.

Download the draft Foreign Policy Camp Open Source Toolkit here.

Vancouver Case Studies:

Vancouver Open Sessions:

  • Human Security and Global Security
  • The Responsibility of the Disability Sector to Developing Countries
  • The Global Supply Chain
  • Fostering Gender Equality: East-West
  • 25@25 Interactive Video Speakers’ Corner on Canada’s Future with Asia
  • Engaging Diasporas in Foreign Policy
  • From Citizen Journalists to Citizen Lobbyists, Social Media’s Role in Policy Advocacy
  • Social Entrepreneurs in the Global Arena
  • Canada and ICT4D: Past, Present, and Future
  • Engaging Citizens in Climate Policy: Copenhagen and Beyond

The National Photo Campaign

In the lead-up to the ForeignPolicyCamp, Canada’s World asked Canadians,
"What is one thing that Canada should do to improve its role in the world?"

You can see the photo responses Canada’s World gathered here.