National Dialogue

January 30, 2009 - February 1, 2009

The national dialogue occurring in Ottawa from January 30 to February 1, 2009 was the culmination of a year-long dialogue process that engaged Canadians across the country in an intensive program of activities that included:

  • Deliberative regional dialogue with randomly selected citizens
  • Workshops
  • Online engagement
  • An election participation campaign
  • Media outreach
  • Opinion research

Canada as a Role Model

The results of the national dialogue provided future direction for Canadian foreign policy based on Canada acting as a role model in the following strategic areas:

  • Advancing a green economy
  • Fostering innovation
  • Embracing diversity
  • Enhancing equality and human development
  • Promoting good governance

Participants then translated their vision into actions that businesses, experts, government, and civil society could take to advance the new vision for Canada in the world. Some examples of these actions include:

  • Businesses adopting “triple bottom line accounting and reporting”
  • Experts increasing research on new and alternative management strategies to inform managers of new trends and ideas that include sustainable development
  • Federal government honouring 0.7% pledge of GNI to Overseas Development Assistance
  • NGOs collaborating in order to increase their voice and reduce duplication of efforts

A New Approach to Foreign Policy

Recognizing the emergence of new actors in the foreign policy arena, participants also suggested Canada needs a new approach to foreign policy based on the “3Cs”.

Canada’s World Model

Traditional Model







These findings, and more, are included in the national dialogue report Back on the Map: a New Vision for Canada in the World / De Nouveau sur la Carte.