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Parent, A. (2017). Learning, Sharing, Knowing:  Celebrating successes in K-12 Aboriginal education by Jo-ann Archibald & Jan Hare. Canadian Journal of Education, (2), 1-4.

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Parent, A & Kerr, J. (2022). Contemporary colonialism and reconciliation in Higher Education: A decolonial response through relationality. In Sandra Styres and Arlo Kempf’s (Eds.), Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education: Critical Perspectives (pp. 281-295). University of Alberta Press.

Parent, A. (2021). Txeemsim bends the box to bring new light to working with Indigenous methodologies. In A. Abdi’s (Ed.), Critical Theorizations of Education (pp. 212-224). Nieden: Brill: Press. This chapter stems from my doctoral dissertation methodology chapter and extends my work to an international audience.

Archibald, J. & Parent, A. (2019). Hands back, hands forward for Indigenous Storywork as methodology. In Sweeney Windchief and Tim San Pedro’s (Eds.), Applying Indigenous Research Methods: Peoples and Communities (pp. 3-20). New York: Routledge. [Second author: Contribution 50%] It was an honour to co-write this chapter with Dr. Archibald, who is a leading international Indigenous scholar. In this chapter we detail our mentorship relationship in the area of Indigenous Storywork methodology in research.

Parent, A. (2018) Research Tales with Txeemsim. In Deborah McGregor & Rochelle Johnston’s (Eds) Research in Indigenous Contexts (65-82). Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press Inc. This chapter is derived from my master’s thesis and was intentionally written for Indigenous community-based practitioners.

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Parent, A. & Moore, W. (To be published in November 2022). Afterward: Building Solidarity: Moving Towards the Repatriation of the of Ni’isjoohl Totem Pole. In Emma Bond and Michael Morris (Eds.), Transnational Scotland: Empire, Heritage, Stories. Edinburgh University Press (13 pages).

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Parent, A. (Submitted). Indigenous Game Changing Advice on Supervision from Indigenous Doctoral Students & Faculty. Critical Studies in Education.