Graduate Student Supervision

Senior Supervisor

Chloe Humphreys (PhD, 2012), Between Authenticity and Argument: Rhizomatic Writing and Educational Insights

Karen Sy de Jesus (MA, 2012), A Foucaultian Analysis of Multicultural Education in Canada

Roland Schultz (PhD, 2010), A Hermeneutic approach to the History and Philosophy of Science

Mahboubeh Masgari (PhD, 2010), Recognition and Education

Bhuvinder Vaid (MA, 2008), Education, Technology, and the Social Construction of My Learning Spaces

Claudia Ruitenberg (PhD, 2005), Hospitality in Education
*Awarded Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal for Academic Excellence

PhD External Examiner

Gary Kalman (PhD, April 2012), Handheld Connections: Personalized Mobile Communication in Education Relationships (La Trobe University, Australia)

Mark Daley (PhD, September 2010), Schooled in Dreams: Counter-posing Oracles of Ascent and the Aura of the Other to Re-Imagine In/Vocation in Educational Spaces (University of British Columbia)

Committee Member

Max Hunter (PhD, 2011) University of Washington: Social Foundations in Education

Hartley Banack (PhD, 2010)

Kate Patten (PhD, 2009)

Roni Haggerty (PhD, 2008)

Nancy Johnston (PhD, 2007)

Kathy McGregor (PhD, 2007)

Anne Schofield (PhD, 2006)

Margaret Grenier (MA, 2006)

Carol Doyle Jones (MA, 2005)

MEd Senior Supervisor Completed (2002–2012)*

*These are exam-based and project based MEd degrees, including a Masters in Educational Practice cohort mentored by me. These are degrees without a specific thesis requirement, and thus no thesis topic is listed

Brister, Julia
Baker, Lorra
Bertholm, Elsie
Brooks, Simone
Callister, Barry
Cirillo, Sylvia
Fry, Judy

Hain, Brenda
Kolbus, Barb
Kristmanson, Lee Anne
Lee, Jongsoo
Lewis, Deena
Lock, Jennifer
Madan, Kokila
Menagh, Laura

Morissette, Nathalie
Myers, Janis
Ng, Gregory
O'Malley, Carol
Price, Shannon
Reimer, Colleen M.
Rogers, Peggy

Sakic, Diana
SamyciaWood, Claire-Aimee
Vagnarelli, Andrew
Wilkie, Patricia
Wong, Sharon
Woods, Lori
Zeni, Rita

MEd Exam Reader (2002–2012)

Jeff Muthanna
Rob Wright