Current Courses

Program and Course Development

  • Initiated, designed, and implemented the PhD program in Curriculum, Theory and Implementation: Philosophy of Education in association with Heesoon Bai, Ann Chinnery, and Sean Blenkinsop.  The program was launched in 2007. 
  • Designing of ISP 200 course, Multiculturalism in Education: Race in Black and White. Summer, 2001.

Course Enhancement and Curriculum Development

The following courses’ curricula have been completely modified under my supervision —readings, assignments and course outlines different than they had been before:

EDUC 100:  Selected Questions and Issues in Education
EDUC 240:  Social Issues in Education
EDUC 322:  The Social Lives of School Children
EDUC 433:  Philosophical Issues in Curriculum
EDUC 711:  Special Topics in Education: The Other Three R’s: Race, Representation, and Recognition: Unique special topics offering.
EDUC 816:  Teaching Curriculum in Diverse Settings
EDUC 819:  Studies in Teacher/Student Interaction
EDUC 833:  Seminar in Social and Moral Philosophy
EDUC 912:  Seminar in Curriculum Theory
EDUC 922:  Advanced Seminar in Epistemology and Education