Non-refereed publications (selected, after 2000 only)

Journal articles in professional journals

Cohen, A. & Bai. H. (2013). Eastern ways to Western transformation: Zen and psychotherapy. Insights into Clinical Counselling, August 2013.

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Other Publications

Bai, H. (2009). Foreword. In A. Cohen. Gateway to the Dao-field: Essays for the awakening educator (pp. xvii–xxi). Amherst, NY: Cambria.

Bai, H. (2008). Foreword. In E. J. Hyslop-Margison & M. A. Naseem, Scientism and education: Empirical research as neo-liberal ideology, (pp. vii–xi). New York: Springer.

Educational video production

Hawley, M. & Van Poelgeest, D. (Directors). (2010). Dare to care: Transforming schools through the ethics of care. [A National Film Board of Canada film (Study Guide included)]. Vancouver, Canada: LISent Studio.

A documentary film based on my SSHRC grant (2002-2007) research, titled Enacting the Ethics of Care: Theory and Practice.