Graduate Student Supervision

Thesis/Dissertation Completed

Blizard, Lida (EdD, 2014), Student-to-Faculty Targeted Cyber-bullying In HE: Experience and Impact on Faculty Members

Gervan, Edward (EdD, 2013), How Students Develop a Sense of Belonging to their Academic Community: A Qualitative Study of Students’ Experiences in a For-Profit Entertainment Arts College

Darojat, Ojat (PhD, 2013), Quality assurance in distance teaching universities: A comparative study in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Wilson, Mary Elizabeth (PhD, 2012), Instructional Development Approaches and Effective Teaching Outcomes? A Meta-Study of the Instructional Development Research Literature

Storey, Brian (PhD, 2011), Public Sphere Thinking in Curriculum Development: Maps, metaphors, & agency

Hogan, Barry (EdD, 2010), Faculty Engagement at the British Columbia Institute of Technology: A Case Study in Institutional Decision-Making.

Bullard, Glenn (MA, 2010), How CanWest Newspapers Covered the BCTF in October 2005.

Ross, Kathleen (EdD, 2010), The Effect of Institutional Merit-Based Aid on Student Aspirations, Choice and Participation.

Nguyen, Hien Thi (MA, 2009), Vietnam in the Era of Neoliberal Globalization: Policy and Practice.

McComb, Tina (EdD, 2007), “I Won’t, I Might, I Am.” Undergraduate Women and Stages of Change for Participation in Leadership Development Activities.

Internal Examiner

Boelryk, Annique (PhD, 2014), Professional Learning and Post-Secondary Teaching: Investigating Faculty’s Lived Experiences of Development in Teaching Practice

Oliver, Richard (EdD, 2010), What Helps and What Hinders Student Transition From Middle School to Senior Secondary School

Howman, Cynthia (EdD, 2009), Preparing Student Affairs Leaders for Canadian Colleges and Universities: Do the CAS Standards for Graduate Preparation Programs Apply?

Provençal, Johanne (PhD, 2009), Knowledge Mobilization of Social Sciences and Humanities Research: Moving Beyond a "Zero-sum Language Game"

Nerini, Tom (EdD, 2008), Learning From the Shadows: An Exploration of the Impact of Washington State’s Instate Tuition Policy on Undocumented Immigrant Students and Institutions of Higher Education

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Hunter McCredie, Karen (MA, 2007), Undergraduate Student Retention at Simon Fraser University: A 2005/2006 Case Study

Goates, Robin (EdD, 2007), Career Paths of Academic Administrators in Alberta Colleges: Travelling the Highway or Fording a Stream?

Defense Chair

Scarf, Jasmine (MA, 2014), Navigating the Space Between: Searching for the Role of a Creative Facilitator in Arts Education

Holt, Tara (EdD, 2013), Perceptions of Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) Working with Refugee Families in a Large Urban School District: An Exploratory Study of Program Successes and Challenges

Culham, Thomas (PhD, 2012), Ethics Education of Business Leaders

Hsaio, Ying-Ting (MA, 2012), The Impact of Task Type on Learners’ Argumentation, Participation and Collaboration in Online Discussions

Wardrop, Amanda (MA, 2012), Curiouser and Curiouser: Inviting performance. Reflections on Hospitality, Transitions and Pedagogy

Halmaghi, Elena (PhD, 2011), Undergraduate students’ conceptions of inequalities

Tamburro, Andrea Grayson (EdD, 2010), A Framework and Tool for Assessing Indigenous Content in Canadian Social Work Curricula

Bryan, Tania Charmaine (MA, 2010), Parent-child play: An exploration of the beliefs and behaviours of mothers of preschoolers

Padmanabhan, Poornima (MA, 2009), Exploring One-to-One Computing on the Ground: The “100-Dollar” Laptop as a Learning Tool for Socially Disadvantaged School Children in India

Morton, Gerald (EdD, 2009), How British Columbia School Superintendents Manage Data