Current Courses

This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.

Program Development

Program Enhancement Activities

  • MEd Portfolio Guidelines (2014). I developed a set of guidelines for a professional portfolio option for the comprehensive exam portion of the MEd in Educational Leadership, in consultation with Drs. Beck, Cox, Laitsch, and Pidgeon.
  • Educational Leadership Curriculum Mapping (2008 - ongoing). I led the collaborative development and articulation of the learning objectives and goals horizontally across the courses and vertically to the Educational Leadership Masters and Doctoral programs (with Drs. Laitsch, Pidgeon, Madoc-Jones, and Xin (from the TLC)). These have been used to inform the development of our Program Learning Outcomes for the external review and accreditation processes.

Program Proposals: Pioneering Programs

  • EdD Educational Practice (Accepted, To be offered 2015-3). Worked closely with Drs. Cher Hill, Lynn Fels, Vicki Kelly, Michael Ling, Margaret MacDonald, Kathryn Ricketts, Suzanne Smythe, Valia Spiliotopoulos, and Shawn Bullock to develop the EdD in Educational Practice proposal.
  • MEd Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Contexts) (2007). Developed first M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Postsecondary Contexts at SFU. Began recruiting in 2007-3 with cohort beginning in 2008. This emphasis was further elaborated in the “Postsecondary Student Affairs” and “Postsecondary Student Affairs and Student Services” cohorts and continues to be offered, with the newest cohort planned to begin Fall 2015.
  • EdD Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Contexts) (2006). I worked closely with Dr. Madoc-Jones to develop the teaching and supervision plans for this cohort.

Program Proposals: Established Programs

  • EdD Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Contexts) (2013). Worked closely with Drs. Pidgeon and Laitsch to develop the proposal for this cohort, which included plans for teaching and committees.
  • MEd Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Student Affairs) (2012). I worked closely with Dr. Pidgeon to develop this proposal and to recruit students. I am serving as the Site Co-Sponsor for this cohort, which is to complete their capstone projects and comprehensive exams in Summer 2014.
  • MEd Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Contexts) (2011). I worked closely with Dr. Pidgeon to develop the proposal and teaching plan for this cohort and recruited for this cohort in 2010-3 and 2011-1. I served as the Site Co-Sponsor.
  • EdD Educational Leadership (Postsecondary Contexts) (2009). I worked with Dr. Madoc-Jones to develop the proposal, teaching, and supervision plans for this cohort and was responsible for recruiting in 2008-3 and 2009-1. I was the pro-tem supervisor for all of the students of this cohort upon admission.

Course Development

Course Adaptation

Prior to 2006, all of the Educational Leadership program courses had an emphasis of primarily K-12 contexts with occasional blended K-12/postsecondary context offerings. In 2006, the program added a cohort that focused exclusively on postsecondary contexts. I adapted all of the courses I taught in the program so that they were relevant to this new emphasis area. These adaptations involved the development of new curriculum for the courses, which included reading lists, syllabus, and associated activities; these materials are a shared resource to all instructors within the program. The courses that I adapted are:

  • EDUC 813-5 Organizational Theories and Analyses
  • EDUC 818-5 Leadership Studies
  • EDUC 820-5 Current Issues in Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • EDUC 822-5 Evaluation of Educational Programs
  • EDUC 830-5 Implementation of Educational Programs
  • EDUC 950-5 Approaches to Educational Research
  • EDUC 960-5 Ethics, Law and Professional Leadership (The materials developed for this course led to a book, which is currently in process, the Handbook of Higher Education Law in Canada).
  • EDUC 962-5 Leadership, Accountability, and the Public Interest
  • EDUC 964-5 Seminar in Educational Theory

Unique Course Development

EDUC 809-5 Doctoral Seminar, Thesis Completion

I developed this course to address structural and support challenges that students face towards dissertation completion. It was first offered in 2008 to two cohorts—one in Kamloops and one in the Lower Mainland. It has since been approved by the Faculty and Senate and is now regularized in the calendar.