• 2013
    Development of a Q Methodology-based Course Assessment Tool to Capture Shifts in Students’ Theoretical Frameworks due to Participation in a Vygotsky Masters Class
    Internal SFU Fund from Teaching and Learning Centre, $5,000 CAN
  • 2010–2012
    Investigating Barriers to PSE Academic Success for New Immigrant and International Students at SFU
    Co-investigator with Nancy Johnston
    Metropolis, Small SSHRC grant, $15,000 CAN
  • 2010
    Research in Cultural-Historical Activity Theory
    Dean of the SFU Faculty of Education’s Research Support Fund, $5,000 CAN
  • 2009
    Program Evaluation of the SFU Student Success Pilot Program
    Internal SFU Fund to support applied research and report to SFU Senate, $4,000 CAN
  • 2005–2007
    Contexts and Family Literacies in English Language Learning
    Co-investigator with K. Toohey
    Discovery Parks Research Grant, $8,511 CAN
  • 2005
    Imaginative Approach to Teaching Literacy for Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers
    Co-developer with K. Egan & I. Eaton
    British Columbia Ministry of Education grant for on-line course development, $10,000 CAN
  • 2003
    Partnership for Tomorrow Program, Phase II
    SFU team member
    Canadian International Development Agency and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
  • 2000–2002
    Research Grant
    Co-investigator with N. Angerilli and N. Johnston
    Co-op Education Association and Co-op Education Division of the American Society of Engineering Education (CEA-CED), $20,000 CAN
  • 1998
    Travel grant to participate in the Conference on Organizational Psychology and the Transition Processes in Central and Eastern Europe (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
    European Network of Organizational Psychology (ENOP) and the Open Society Institute
  • 1998
    Travel grant to participate in the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction’s Ninth Triennial World Conference (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • 1995
    Travel grant to participate in the International School Psychology Association Colloquium (Dundee, Scotland)
    International School Psychology Association