Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Internal-External Examiner

Zaparyniuk, Nicholas (PhD, 2014), CALC: A Cognitive Architecture of Learning and Comprehension

Norafkan, Mehran (PhD, 2013, SFU Linguistic Department), Learnability of Cultural Models Through Authentic Materials: Focus on Metaphorical Competence and Conceptual Fluency  

Doctoral Committee Member

Julia Truman (PhD, 2017), Mathematical Reasoning Among Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Case Studies with Mathematically Experienced Participants

Janine Hostettler Scharer (PhD, 2015), Starting Nonparental Childcare: Infants' Transitions From Parental to Professional Care

Levykh, Michael (PhD, 2008), Personality, Emotions, and Behavioural Master of Thought of Lev Vygostky

Masters Committee Member

Wherland, Sharon (MA, 2012), Lev Vygotsky and Art Education: A Theoretical Framework for Cultural-Historical Model of Art Education for Primary School Aged Children