Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Senior Supervisor

Lane, Julia (PhD, 2016), Impossibility aside: Clowning and the Scholarly Context

Doctoral Committee Member

Reubsaat, Susanna (PhD, 2014), Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati: a Mythopoetic Inquiry Looking Through the Spiral Lense

Irvine, Marlowe (PhD, 2014), While I Am My Hair, My Hair is Me: Literary Analysis of a Narrative Inquiry into Teacher Identity Formation

Buker, Laura (PhD, 2011), Walking Backwards into the Future with Our Stories: The Sto:lō is a River of Knowledge, Haq’emeylem is a River of Stories

Shaw, Cathi (PhD, 2009), Finding Voice in the Border Space: An Examination of the Foundations of Academic Literacy Course at Simon Fraser University

Doctoral External Examiner

Hanson, Aubrey (PhD, 2016), Reading For Resurgence: Indigenous Literatures, Communities, and Learning

Davidson, Sara (PhD, 2016), Following the Song of K’aad ’ aww (Dogfish Mother): Adolescent Perspectives on English 1oFirst Peoples, Writing and Identity

Doctoral Internal Examiner

Piersol, Laura (PhD, 2015), Eco Care: Nurturing Possibility and Resistance within Education

Kay, Cheryl (PhD, 2012), Photopoetic Moments of Wonder: Photography as an Artistic Reflective Practice in Secondary Dance Education

Caulkins, Michael (PhD, 2011), Pathways of Pathology and Promise in Alternative Education

Judson, Gillian (PhD, 2008), Imaginative Ecological Education

Van der Windt, Gerda (PhD, 2008), Art and Aesthetic Education: A Painter’s Philosophy

Doctoral Chair

Hui, Lian (PhD, 2017), On the limitations of Singapore’s conception of education and the question of the ideally educated citizen

McKinlay Kurnaedy, Karen (PhD, 2013), Uncovering the Essence of What Animates Us Beneath The Dance: Investigating the Lived Experiences of Bodily Perceptions Generated While Dancing

Ricketts, Kathryn (PhD, 2011), The Suitcase, the Map and the Compass: An Expedition into Embodied Poetic Narrative and its Application towards Fostering Optimal Learning Spaces

Masters Senior Supervisor

Howell, Theresa (2016), Bridging Lives: Storytelling towards Agency, Advocacy and Change

Masters Committee Member

Milko, Haley (2015), Identifying Best Practices in Fisheries Monitoring and Stewardship Training for First Nations Youth

Derby, Michael (2011), Education and the Mycelial Matrix of Critical Ecohermeneutics or Eat & Be Eaten, Mean & Be Meaning

Bowie, Lori (MA, 2011), “It’s a healthy social thing”: Recreation managers’ perceptions of Community health promotion

Christofferson, Rebecca (MA, 2009), Dancing in the Belly: Performative Inquiry in Pregnancy

Masters External Examiner

Pidgin, Jennifer (2016), Four Lheidli T’enneh Families’ Experiences and Expectations of Public Education

Jenz, Jeremy (2016), Place-based and Technological Learning Environments which Reflect Indigenous Perspectives and Build an Ecology of Place

Yoshida Devries, Beverly (2015), Humans of a Warming World: An Exploration of Climate Change Narratives

Montgomery, Robert (2015), Métis or Moniyaw: Explorative Stories of Decolonizing my Métis Identity

Ahmad, Rozina (MA, 2011), Visual Journals, Artistic Processes, and Cross-Curricular Connections:  An Arts-Informed Inquiry (St. Francis Xavier University)

Little, Krista (MA, 2011), The Fertility of Artistic Expression as a Two-Way Offering: Releasing the Prolific Self

Gaudry, Shannon (MA, 2010), The Development and Evaluation of the Traditional Aboriginal Parenting Program (TAPP)

Leszcynski, Lena (MA, 2008), A/Maturity in Art: On Instructing the Novice Midlife Painter

Masters Defense Chair

Frankenberger, Sara (2017), The Shaping of German-Canadian Family Memory of World War II and the Holocaust

Rutherford, Thea (2016), Meandering into Meaning: A Teachers Reflection of the Pedagogy of Wandering

Giovannetti, Mary (2015), Faculty and Administration Perceptions of a Faculty Evaluation Process and its Ability to Advance Faculty Enrichment