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Course and Program Development

Course Development

M.Ed. Educational Practice: Educ 867, 807, 811 & 883
Course and curriculum development for each of the above especially for the Diversity/Special Education and Aboriginal Education focus for a Salmon Arm Cohort of a M.Ed. in Educational Practice. This work then later informed all the courses in the M.Ed. EP program.

Educ 820-5 Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Specialty
I developed this course specifically adapted for the Field Programs M.Ed. in Educational Practice and teacher inquiry.

Educ 821-5 Philosophical Issues in Classroom Practices
I developed this course specifically adapted for the M. Ed in Contemplative Education focusing on Integrative and Indigenous approaches to classroom practice.

Educ 823-3 Current Issues in Curriculum and Pedagogy
I developed this course specifically adapted for the Field Programs M.Ed. in Educational Practice and teacher inquiry.

Educ 849: Artists, Society and Art Education
I developed this course for the Kelowna Cohort, introducing Indigenous and Western understandings of the artist, their role in society, and the implications for art education. In this course we also explored Indigenous and arts-based research methodologies.

Educ 816: Developing Educational Programs and Practices in Diverse Educational Settings
In this course we explore: diverse epistemological and cultural foundations of knowledge; distinct worldviews or perspectives on ways of knowing, being and doing; different orientations to eco-philosophy; numerous models of environmental programming; and a variety of environmental teaching and learning practices as well as the various implications for ecological education. In this course I have developed an Indigenous Ecological curriculum and added Indigenous pedagogical practices.

Educ 868: Curriculum Theory and Art Education
The aim of this course is to critically examine: differing worldviews; orientations to education; various perspectives on art, the role of the artist; as well as the purpose and goals of art education. The intention of this course is to provide students with knowledge of important epistemological, philosophical, historical, and developmental influences on: our understandings of the world, what art is, the evolving role of the artist/educator, and also the emerging task of the artist/researcher. This exploration includes Indigenous, Western and Eastern perspectives on art and education.

Educ 944: Aesthetic Ways of Knowing and Education
This course provides an important cultural context for understanding Western and Indigenous aesthetic knowledge practices for artist/educators researching in the field of the arts and aesthetic education. This doctoral seminar explores the historical understandings of the arts, the emergent responsibilities of the artist, and the role of the arts in human development, holistic learning, and personal transformation. We explore as well the Indigenous understanding of art as an Indigenous knowledge practice.

Educ 950: Approaches to Education Research
I helped mentor a new Indigenous Colleague to develop this course that was specifically adapted for the EdD in Culturally Inclusive Place-based Education with a focus on teacher inquiry, Indigenous research, and Indigenous Arts-based research methodologies.

Educ 911: Colloquium in Curriculum Theory
This course was specifically adapted for EdD in Education Practice with a focus on integrative approaches to teacher practice and inquiry as well as Indigenous perspectives on curriculum and research.

Educ 911: Colloquium in Curriculum Theory
This course was specifically adapted for the EdD in Culturally Inclusive Place-Based Education (CIPB) with a focus on Indigenous Epistemologies as well as Knowledge Practices and Pedagogies in relation to curriculum orientations.

Educ 944: Aesthetic Ways of Knowing
I completely revised this course to respond to the TRC’s Calls to Action and the new BC Curriculum in Aboriginal Worldviews, Perspectives, Histories and Pedagogies. The course now focuses on Indigenous scholarship in Indigenous Curriculum Studies and Indigenous Research Methodologies as well as Art as an Indigenous Knowledge Practice.

Educ 823: Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Specialty
I developed a new course for the Contemplative Inquiry M.Ed. Program. This course focuses on Indigenous Epistemologies, Knowledge Practices, and Place-based Ecological Contemplative Perspectives. It invites students to explore Indigenous spirituality and Indigenous praxis based pedagogies.

SAR 897: President’s Dream Colloquium Graduate Course
I developed this unique graduate course in collaboration with Dr. Brenda Morrision on Returning to the Teachings: Justice, Identity and Belonging. It was a special project involving Indigenous Knowledge Holders and the creation of an All Nations Circle of Elders from the Musqueum, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Katzie First Nations. It included ceremony and 10 contemporary leaders or visionaries in Education for Reconciliation: Chief Robert Joseph, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Wab Kinew, Manulani Aluli-Meyer, Stephen Reicher, Rupert Ross, Jennifer Llewellyn, John Burrows, and Wade Davis.

Program Development

  • Co-developed with Dr. Brenda Morrison the Fall SFU President’s Dream Colloquium and Graduate Course titled: Returning to the Teachings: Justice identity and Belonging featuring Indigenous Ceremony and Indigenous perspectives on Education for Reconciliation in response to the Truth and Reconciliations 94 Class to Action. We co-hosted with the local First Nations 10 Keynote speakers and ceremonies. (2016)
  • Developed a new Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Education: Education for Reconciliation in Conjunction with North Vancouver School District and the Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. A SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grant will also support this GDE program development (2015–2016)
  • New EdD in Culturally Inclusive Place-based Education was developed (and approved by the Faculty of Education 2014) in collaboration with Mark Fettes, Sean Blenkinshop, Michael Ling, and Vicki Kelly (2013–present)
  • New Field Programs EdD was developed (and approved by the Faculty of Education 2014) in collaboration with Cher Hill, Michele Nilson, Michael Ling, Lynn Fels, and Vicki Kelly (2013–present)
  • New M.Ed. program in Contemplative Education was developed (and approved by Faculty of Education and Senate in 2014) in collaboration with Heesoon Bai, Celeste Snowber, Wanda Cassidy, Kumari Beck and Vicki Kelly (2013–present)
  • Contributed to the Environmental-School Maple Ridge eCURA Grant project co-developing an eco-curriculum, which integrates Indigenous ecological knowledge and place based-education (2010–present)
  • Continued development in the M. Ed in Environmental Education through curriculum development by expanding theoretical and conceptual frameworks, readings and teacher inquiry practices to include Indigenous Ecological Knowledge perspectives (2009–present)
  • Continued program development in Professional Programs, where I am actively present in Faculty Associate Program sessions in which I present Indigenous perspectives on curriculum, pedagogy, and explore the following themes: Indigeneity, Two Eyed Seeing, the Pedagogy of Place, and the Pedagogy of the Imagination. Recently, I have been involved in sessions on Drum Making, Native Flute playing, and Indigenous ceremony. (2009–present)
  • Educ 401/2: Pathways: Creative Connections Module. I initiated the creation of this model and developed the curriculum in collaboration with Faculty Associates integrating holistic, Indigenous, and integrated arts-based curriculums and pedagogies. (2007–present)
  • Field Programs: I have been actively involved in the development of the M. Ed EP program both theoretically and practically. I have actively helped develop the conceptual frameworks for the course outlines for the overall development of the program i.e. the trajectory of the curriculum for Educ 867- 807- 811- 883 as well as the pedagogical basis for the four courses.  I have also contributed to how this inquiry-based program model in the M. Ed EP informs the rest of the work in Field Programs especially the Graduate Diploma Programs through our program inquiry and self-study I added Indigenous Education and Indigenous Research perspectives to the Med EP program and I bring an Indigenous Education and arts-based perspective to this work. (2007–present)
  • I wrote a successful grant proposal for a series of speakers to support the development of a ‘Two-eyed Seeing’ approach to teacher education within the PDP. The speakers included: Vicki Kelly-‘Indigeneity’ and a Two-Eyed Approach to Teacher Education; Jo-ann Archibald- ‘Indigenous Story Works’ and culturally appropriate curriculums; Cheryl Bartlett –‘Ethno-Science’; and Cynthia Chambers and Narcisse Blood- ‘The Pedagogy of Place’ and the curriculum of enskillment. (2008)
  • Professional Development Program: Development and infusion of an Indigenous Educational curriculum across the all modules in collaboration with Stephen Smith and the PDP Re-visioning Committee. (2007–2008)