Master of Arts

Developing critical awareness

The Master of Arts (MA) program develops scholars with a critical and comprehensive awareness of English studies. While offering specialization in one of various areas of strength in the department, the program requires a breadth requirement through course work and thereby grounds students’ interests in a wide and flexible understanding of English studies.

Spring 2023 Graduate Courses

ENGL 811: The Marxist Legacy and Contemporary Theory | Instructor: C. Lesjak

* ENGL 811 Lesjak.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 833: Spiritual America | Instructor: M. Everton

* ENGL 833 Everton.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 870: Hope is a Place: Climate Futures, Colonial Pasts | Instructor: M. Linley

* ENGL 870 Linley.pdf
Course outline

Summer 2023 Graduate Courses

ENGL 821: Studies in Manuscript, Print and Media Culture* | Instructor: M. Levy
* Print Culture designated

* ENGL 821 Levy.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 843: In the Wake | Instructor: D. Chariandy

* ENGL 843 Chariandy.pdf
Course outline

Fall 2023 Graduate Courses

ENGL 810: Theory and the University | Instructor: C. Lesjak

* 1237.810.Lesjak.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 820: Theoretical Approaches to Print Culture | Instructor: M. Everton

* 1237.820.Everton.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 830: Authority and Authorship: Medieval Women’s Writing in Britain | Instructor: M. Hussey
*Print Culture designated

* 1237.830.Hussey.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 854: Poet's Prose | Instructor: S. Collis

* 1237.854.Collis.pdf
Course outline


ENGL 832: “Songs, Spectacles and Circuses in the Long Eighteenth Century; Or, Forget Lyrical Ballads; Let’s Talk About Street Ballads” | Instructor: L. Davis
*Print Culture designated

* 1241.832.Davis.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 844: Creative Collaborations in Indigenous Literary Arts | Instructor: S. McCall
*Print Culture designated

* 1241.844.McCall.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 860: Words as Deeds | Instructor: S. Zwagerman

* 1241.860.Zwagerman.pdf
Course outline


ENGL 829: Controversial Shakespeare | Instructor: R. Arab

* 1244.829.Arab.pdf
Course outline

ENGL 843: In the Wake | Instructor: D. Chariandy

* 1244.843.Chariandy.pdf
Course Outline