The Database of Canada's Early Women Writers (DoCEWW)

The Database of Canada's Early Women Writers (DoCEWW) is an open access database that records basic biographical and bibliographical information about these women writers. It includes thousands of Canadian women who published any piece of writing in English before 1950.

These authors, one of whom might be your great-grandmother, wrote poetry, fiction and drama, as well as prose about many aspects of life in Canada, including agriculture, science, family life and local history.

This project aims to recognize the thousands of women in Canadian history whose publications have shaped our understanding of Canadian life, and is funded by SSHRC's Canada 150 Connection Grant program.

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We welcome your contribution of missing information for any of the authors we have listed, and your knowledge about any authors who are not yet included.

Please send an email to Carole Gerson or Karyn Huenemann.