SFU Health & Counselling

Our goal at Health & Counselling is to provide effective health care within SFU. Our health clinic (doctors and nurses), counselling, psychiatrists, psychologists, and health promotion team are all here to collectively and positively influence your health and well-being.

At HCS we believe healthy students are successful students!  See if our services are right for you.

Need to make an appointment? It's easy! Just use our appointment guide.

The Healthy Campus Community (HCC) initiative at SFU involves creating a campus that positively influences the health and well-being of students, staff and faculty.

Check our events calendar for upcoming workshops, clinics and special events.

De-stress with our media library of free yoga videos and assorted meditative audiocasts and recommended mobile apps.

A collection of online services aimed at well-being such as our Wellness Wheel, The Dish: a nutrition blog, sexual health, and more. 

SFU Burnaby: 778-782-4615
SFU Vancouver: 778-782-5200
SFU Surrey: 778-782-5200

For general questions: hcsinfo@sfu.ca