Ryan Allen


Health Sciences

Ryan Allen


Health Sciences

Areas of interest

Environmental health, air pollution, exposure assessment & analysis, epidemiology


  • BS, Physics, Denison University
  • MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Washington
  • PhD, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington
  • Postdoctoral Studies, University of Washington


After earning his B.S. degree in Physics from Denison University, Dr. Allen attended the University of Washington where he earned his M.S. in Environmental Engineering and his Ph.D. in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. His doctoral research investigated personal exposure to air pollution in the Seattle area, focusing specifically on the penetration of outdoor air pollution into indoor residential environments and the contributions of outdoor- and indoor-generated air pollution to personal exposure. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Allen remained at the University of Washington as a post-doctoral fellow. During this time he continued to research air pollution exposure as part of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution. This ongoing study is investigating the role of air pollution from traffic and other sources on the progression of subclinical cardiovascular disease in 6 U.S. cities.

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Research interests

Air pollution exposure assessment: indoor and outdoor exposures, air pollution, health effects, development of methods to reduce exposure misclassification in large epidemiological studies.

Teaching interests

Environmental health, community air pollution, environmental exposure assessment/analysis.

Publications and activities

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