Meet the Team

Research Team Members

Below are people who are currently working with the RESET Team.

Dr. Maya Gislason, PhD, MA 

Principal Investigator

Maya Gislason is an Assistant Professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, where she leads the Research for Ecosocial and Equitable Transformation (RESET) Team. Additionally, Maya is the faculty lead for the Planetary Health Research Group, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, and an Ecohealth International board member. Maya holds a doctorate in Medical Sociology from the University of Sussex, a Masters in Sociology and a double major in Sociology and Women’s Studies both from the University of Victoria. Dr. Gislason is a Principal Investigator on several projects and research programs, including the Environment Community Health Observatory (ECHO) Network. A defining characteristic of her research is the integration of social inequities in health scholarship, intersectionality, and gender-based analysis plus with ecosystem approaches to health. Her research includes topics such as climate change, and focuses on connecting theory to practice with a particular focus on women and children’s health. 

Angel Kennedy, MPH, BSc

Research Manager/Coordinator

As a Research Manager/Coordinator with the Research for Ecosocial and Equitable Transformation (RESET) team at SFU, Angel is involved in various projects at the nexus of social and ecological determinants of health and mental health. She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from SFU in 2019, where she also received a Master of Public Health degree in April 2021. Angel’s interests are in mental health equity, eco-social approaches to health, and community-based participatory action research.

Stephanie Witham, MPH, BSc

Hello! My name is Stephanie. I’m an Australian/Canadian and past Master of Public Health (MPH) student at SFU with a background in Biology (BSc.). I’m passionate about the natural world and humans’ interactions with it, especially the social and ecological determinants of health. I’ve had the joy of working with the wonderful equity team and inspired to apply what I’ve learned to my public health career after graduation.

Katie Bauder, MPH, BSc

Dawn Hoogeveen, PhD, MA

Faculty of Health Sciences University Research Associate

Dawn Hoogeveen’s research interests are in environmental politics, Indigenous studies and environmental and public health. She is a Senior Environment Community Health Observatory Research Fellow with the First Nations Health Authority where she is collaboratively progressing a program of work concerning health and healing indicators and health impact assessment. Dawn takes a mixed methods approach to her research and always enjoys a good interview and time spent in community. She is a settler scholar of Dutch and British ancestry and grew up on Williams Treaty lands in Ontario.

Elly Blake, MPH

Ali Zapernick, MPH (c2022), BA

As a Project Coordinator for the EAP project, Ali is helping evaluate participant perspectives on an equine-assisted psychotherapy program for youths'. She received her B.A. in Psychology in Edmonton and is currently completing her MPH at Simon Fraser University. Her studies and interests are focused on mental health program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Jordan Brubacher, MSc, BSc

Faculty of Health Sciences University Research Associate

Jordan is an interdisciplinary scientist with a background in health sciences, GIS, physical geography and ecological restoration. He is passionate about the environment and has focussed his career around studying issues at the intersection of the environment and human health. He embraces the understanding that humans are not separate from the environment, but rather that we are a part of it and that as humans impact the health of the environment, the health of the environment in turn impacts the health of humans, and so on. Although most of his research has focused on the negative aspects of this cycle, he is looking forward to the opportunity to study the positive aspects as our society moves towards embracing a sustainable future.

Meg Signorelli, MPH (c2022), BA

Research Assistant

Meg is a Master of of Public Health candidate with a passion for mental health and supporting youth in living adaptive and resilient lives. She completed her B.A in Psychology at SFU and her MPH studies are now focused on mental health program planning and community-based participatory action research

Sophia Conradi, MPH (c2022), BSc 

Research Assistant

Sophia is a Master of Public Health candidate with a passion for mental health and LGBTQ2IA+ health equity. Outside of academia, she is an avid road biker, outdoor fanatic, and artist, using mediums like watercolours and acrylic paint. Having grown up in the Comox Valley, she is well versed with the healing properties that nature has to offer, leading her to work with the RESET team in building youth mental health resilience to climate change through art.


Greg Lee


Greg is a medical school student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland who was born in Richmond, British Columbia. Prior to attending medical school, he completed a Kinesiology undergraduate degree at Queens University. In his spare time, Greg enjoys running, and playing both indoor and beach volleyball. He is excited about working with the RESET team and looks forward to helping the team where he can.

Current Students

Below are SFU students working with us, whose work relates to the RESET Team’s projects. They are listed alphabetically by first name.

Parsoua Shirzad, MPP

Directed Studies Student

Parsoua is an outside-the-box thinker who enjoys exploring the myriad of ways people, strategy, operations, and process improvement help shape the future of communities and organizations. As a values-driven champion of social and economic capacity building, Parsoua values the process of building strong bridges between community, business, and government. In Spring 2021 she will obtain a Masters of Public Policy, a 2-year professional program, where she is focused on community planning, governance, political economy, and social determinants of health. 

Helena Murcelle, BA (c2022)

Directed Studies Student

Helena Murcelle was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently nearing the end of her Bachelors degree, majoring in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and a minor in Archaeology. Helena has a strong passion dedicated towards research related to identifying and advocating for equity deserving populations, and use of statistical analyses. Helena wishes to continue her studies and research, with a Masters in Public Health (MPH), focusing on inequities within marginalized communities. Currently, Helena is taking a directed studies course (HSCI 488-Children and Youth, Equity and Climate Change) with Dr. Maya Gislason. Helena hopes to present a manuscript incorporating the rich data gathered from the course, to the Canadian Public Health Association, related to supporting youth and future generations, coping through the global climate change crisis. In Helena's spare time, she enjoys hiking in the Squamish area, spending quality time with family, and practicing yoga.

Jocelle Refol, BSc (c2022)

Jocelle (she/her) is a Filipinx 2nd generation immigrant-settler on the unceded and stolen lands of the Musquem, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. She is a 5th year Health Sciences student in the Population and Quantitative Health stream with an interest in health promotion, knowledge translation, and overall health equity. As an honours candidate, she hopes her research highlights the health experiences of Filipinos in Vancouver to help support generations to come.

Past Students and Team Members

Below are past researchers or students with the RESET Team. They are listed alphabetically by first name

Atharva Ranjankar, BA Hons

Honours Student

Atharva obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences in April 2021. He also worked on an Honours project alongside Dr. Maya Gislason on developing a framework to combat food insecurity in Nunavut through basic income. His interests lie in Indigenous Health, Social determinants of health and social inequities in health

Diane Mugisha, BSc

USRA Student

I joined Maya’s research team because I wanted to gain hands-on experience in public health and deepen my understanding of social determinants of health. I look forward to pursuing graduate studies and being able to make an impact in the health of marginalized populations.

In my free time, I enjoy working out and cooking healthy meals.

Saron Kassay, BA

Co-op Student 

Saron completed her Health Sciences and Kinesiology degree at Simon Fraser University in April 2021. She is passionate about exploring and addressing health inequities among marginalized populations. In her spare time likes to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking.