Michael Fellman

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Study: AMERICAS.


Michael Fellman In Memoriam; an essay by Christopher Phelps.

1993, Visiting Professor, Stanford University 1983-2008, Professor, Simon Fraser University; 1980-81 Fulbright Professor, University of Haifa; 1974-83 Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University; 1969-74 Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University;

Publications (Books)

Views from the Dark Side of American History (Conflicting Worlds: New Dimensions of the American Civil War), (Louisiana State University Press, Louisiana, 2011)





In the Name of God and Country: Reconsidering Terrorism in American History, (Yale University Press, 2009)






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Publications (Articles)

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Notable Major Awards

  • Faculty Convocation Speaker, Simon Fraser University, June, 2006.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, The Huntington Library, 1998-99.
  • Martha Sutton Weeks Senior Research Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center, Stanford University, 1992-93
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Fellowships, 1988-89; 1990-93, 1996-2000.
  • The Huntington Library Fellowships, Spring 1985, December 1991
  • Shelby Cullom Davis Centre for Historical Studies Visiting Fellowship, Princeton University 1983-84
  • Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Year Fellowship, Northwestern University 1968-69
  • Northwestern University Graduate Research Fellowship,1967-68
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Northwestern University, 1965-66
  • Finalist, Lincoln Prize; Honourable Mention, W.K. Ferguson Prize, New York Times Notable Books of 1995--for Citizen Sherman.