Graduate Student Profiles

Postdoctoral Fellows

PhD Students

  • Jovana Andelkovic
    Dimitris Krallis (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Collective-memory creation
  • Stevan Bozanich
    Andre Gerolymatos (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Ideology and mass violence amongst paramilitary groups
  • Joseph Burton
    Mark Leier (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Left/Labour History
  • Nathan Crompton
    Roxanne Panchasi (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Modern France, labour history and postwar social movements, autogestion/self-management
  • Panagiotis Delis
    Andre Gerolymatos (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The Balkan Wars
  • Corey Larson
    Joseph Taylor (Supervisor)
  • Ardalan Rezamand
    Derryl MacLean (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The impact of Heideggerian philosophy at the University of Tehran on a philosophical defense of Iran’s current mode of governance
  • Andrea Samoil
    Mark Leier (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: The working class in Alberta post-1980
  • Leah Wiener
    Mary-Ellen Kelm (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Health and welfare policies for Aboriginal children, 1900-1940
  • Rui Zhang
    Jeremy Brown (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Food

MA Students

  • Benjamin Dipple
    Thomas Kuehn (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Ottoman/Turkish-American relations during the end of the Ottoman Empire
  • Jeffrey Greenall
    Dimitris Krallis (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: 10th century Byzantine text The Book of Ceremonies
  • Songwei He
    Jeremy Brown (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Religion in Modern China
  • Esther Souman
    Luke Clossey (Supervisor)
    Research Interests: Sixteenth-century German and Dutch cosmographers