HIST 486/872 Students Produce Historical Walking Tours of Vancouver 

December 04, 2015

Click to download the digital tours: Vancouver Walks

Nicolas Kenny's HIST 486/872 students have produced historical walking tours of Vancouver. The tours are self-guided, and anyone interested in taking one can read about it on the site, and download instructions and podcasts before going.  

These tours were created in collaboration with the CityStudio program, and designed to reflect some of the community-building initiatives laid out in Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy.  Students were asked to reflect on the ways in which the past is present in the city today, and how the stories we tell about the past shape the urban imaginaries and sense of place of contemporary city dwellers.  

Working in pairs, students developed the themes of the individual walks, conducted research using primary and secondary sources, and crafted the audio-visual materials, which is available on each of the three pages.

Whether visiting Vancouver for the first time, or revisiting some very familiar places, the tours will connect the listener to exciting, often troubled, but always inspiring urban spaces.


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