History Department Chair Jeremy Brown (right) congratulates Nicolas Kenny (lefty) on winning a 2022 Cormack Award. (Photo courtesy FASS.)

Cormack Clossey Kelm Kenny

SFU History Faculty Honoured with Two Cormack Awards

October 28, 2022

Two SFU History Faculty, Luke Clossey and Nicolas Kenny, were honoured at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences awards evening with prestigious Cormack Teaching Awards. The awards  recognize the passion that they bring to their students’ education and the quality of their pedagogy. Clossey and Kenny were invited to speak at the 11th Annual Cormack Teaching Symposium, and you can watch both of their fascinating talks at these links:

Nicolas Kenny - Teaching in Situ

Luke Clossey - Learning to Think Pragmatically Through Learning

Mary-Ellen Kelm

Also honoured at the award ceremony was retired SFU History professor and former Associate Dean, Mary-Ellen Kelm, whose contributions to the discipline of History and service to the department and Faculty were recognized with a 2022 Dean's Medal / Lifetime Achievement Award.

Finally, Department Manager Judi Fraser was recognized as part of the Team Employee Achievement Award, awarded to the FASS Managers for their tireless efforts in keeping the Faculty running smoothly.

Congratulations to all of the 2022 Awards Winners! You can read about the rest of the 2022 Cormack Award winners on the FASS News Page.


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