Tessa Wright Celebrates 20 Years at SFU

May 28, 2018


In 2018, Undergraduate Advisor Tessa Wright was recognized for twenty years of service at SFU. Tessa first came to SFU as a student in 1987 and completed her BA (Linguistics) in 1992. She began working at SFU while she was a student and returned shortly after graduation to work in a number of departments across campus, before joining the Department of History in 1999 as Undergraduate Advisor.

During two decades in the Department, Tessa has provided insightful advice and encouragement to countless students and helped chart the course of many a student’s journey. Students report that Tessa has consistently gone above and beyond in providing that support. Faculty and other staff also know to whom to turn for advice on just about anything related to undergraduate courses at SFU.

The Department of History thanks and honours Tessa for her continuing passion and dedication to our students and recognizes the essential role she plays in ensuring that our undergraduate program always runs smoothly.

We’re lucky to have had you as a member of the department for some two decades, Tessa, and hope that you’ll be part of our team for many more years!



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