Darren Schemmer

Executive Director, SFU International
email: darren_schemmer@sfu.ca

SFU International Contact Information

Strand Hall 2100
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC Canada V5A 1S6

email: sfui@sfu.ca
phone: 1.778.782.9474

Shaheen Nanji

Director, Global Engagement
Africa & Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia
Sustainable Development, Global Networks
Refugee and Newcomer Program, Visiting Scholars Program

email: nanji@sfu.ca

Victoria Lam

Manager, Global Engagement
Sustainable Development, Global Networks and Africa & Middle East

email: international_development@sfu.ca


Carol Zachs

Director, Global Engagement
Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Pacific
International Research Mobility

email: czachsle@sfu.ca

Zhaoying Hu  

Manager, International Research Mobility

email: intlres@sfu.ca

Yukino Mori

Manager, Global Engagement
Europe and Americas

email: yukino_mori@sfu.ca

Sarah Ngo

Manager, Global Engagement
South Asia and East Asia

email: sngo@sfu.ca


Bill Hu

Coordinator, APAIE 2020 Conference 

email: bill_hu@sfu.ca

Heather Sanders

Manager, Events


Adelle Schwab

Manager, Strategic Operations 

email: aschwab@sfu.ca

Katya Kirsh - On Leave

Senior Manager, Strategic Operations

email: katya_kirsh@sfu.ca

Serena Yang

Administrative Coordinator, SFU International

email: sfui@sfu.ca

Amanda Boe

Office Assistant, SFU International

email: sfui_admin@sfu.ca