2023 Announcement and Call for Nominations


Please check back here in early 2024 for the next call for nominations. For more information, please contact Mirranda Cross at

The Chris Dagg Award for Impact in International Sustainable Development seeks to recognize and celebrate the achievements of a Simon Fraser University (SFU) staff or faculty member who has made a significant contribution to international sustainable development on behalf of SFU.

The selection of the awardee is the responsibility of the Chris Dagg Award for Impact in International Sustainable Development Committee. The selection committee will consider all eligible submissions for evaluation. The award will be administered annually upon the committee’s recommendation. SFU International will be responsible for nominating committee members.


SFU faculty and staff are eligible. Normally, an individual is eligible to receive the award only once.


The application must outline the nominee’s contribution to international sustainable development. The following criteria will be considered by the committee:

  1. Breadth of activities
    Nominee’s work contributes to more than one of the ‘Activities’ highlighted below.
  2. Leadership in their Field
    Nominee is internationally recognized for their leadership in their field of study or practice.
    Nominee has shown the ability to lead SFU in new directions.
    Nominee is regarded as an expert in their field of study or practice and has contributed positively to their area of expertise.
  3. Length of time
    Nominee has engaged in international work at SFU for a minimum of 5 years (does not need to be consecutive due to impact of the global pandemic)
  4. Demonstrates global impact
    Nominee's work has had profile and impact beyond Canada.
  5. Demonstrates excellence in community and institutional impact
    The effects of the nominee's work on sustainability, as well as their contributions to research and learning at SFU, are demonstrable through mutuality in impact in the community.


Activities related to international sustainable development may include, but are not limited to, involvement in one or more countries. If involvement occurs in one country, please demonstrate depth in the following activities. If involvement occurs in multiple countries, please demonstrate breadth in the following activities.

  • international development projects or initiatives
  • international research and scholarly collaborations
  • establishment of international academic networks or partnerships
  • joint curriculum with international partners
  • international activities related to students
  • international community engagement


SFU staff and faculty may submit nominations. Nominations supported by students, alumni, international and community partners are encouraged. Self-nominations are also permitted.

Nomination forms should be accompanied by a letter (three pages maximum) that describes:

  • the nominee’s efforts and involvement in international sustainable development on behalf of SFU and
  • the impacts of their activities internationally and at SFU.

Nomination packages should also include signed letters of support from two other members of the SFU community (faculty, staff, or students) or international community partners as well as, if possible, a CV for the nominee which should include a concise history of publications and work completed at SFU.

The call for nominations is now closed. The deadline to submit was Monday, June 12, 2023.


Chris Dagg began his career in the Canadian Foreign Service, serving in Vietnam and Indonesia from 1968 to 1974. Since 1979 he has led Canadian International Development Agency and other Canadian Government-funded regional development, higher education, and environment policy projects for Indonesia and China. At SFU, he led the Eastern Indonesia Universities Development Project (1987-2003), and Phases IV and V of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (2007-2015). From 2003-2007, Chris supported the University’s International Development efforts at SFU International. Chris retired from SFU in 2015.

This award recognizes Chris’ longstanding service, and his significant contributions to the shaping and advancement of international issues and activities at SFU.