Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships 


The Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) program is a new initiative intended to lay the foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs, public servants, community leaders and academics with innovative minds and a sense of commitment to Canada and the Commonwealth. Scholarship recipients are students in university-designed projects that address pressing local, national and global issues.

SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) has secured funding for 37 young Canadian and African university students to help develop knowledge and skills necessary to lead diverse multi-disciplinary and multi-national global health projects. SFU’s QES program builds upon strong research and training collaborations at sites in four African countries, but may expand to other Commonwealth African nations where SFU has ongoing partnerships.

Scholarships will support 32 Canadian students from SFU to undertake 3-month internships or research experiences at an African partner site under the supervision of an SFU professor and local mentors. Individual projects will incorporate formal and informal learning as well as research or professional activities in a range of academic and practical fields relevant to global health. In addition, 5 African scholars will be nominated by their host sites to enrol into degree-granting programs at SFU leading to an MSc or MPH degree.

This program offers unique opportunities for Canadian students to contribute actively to global health research, outreach and intervention through hands-on experiences living and working in an African setting.

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