China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), Phases I - VI (1992-2019)


China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development 

Phase V-VI: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Phase I-IV: Global Affairs Canada


The CCICED project was established in 1992 as a high level international advisory body with the purpose "to further strengthen cooperation and exchange between China and the international community in the field of environment and development." Its primary purpose is to provide recommendations and other advice to China’s State Council (cabinet) on policy related to environment and sustainable development.

Since 1992, Canada, through CIDA and Environment and Climate Change Canada, has provided financial support to all of the Council’s six phases:

Phase I-V: (1992-2017) $34.25 million

Phase VI: (2017-2019) $3.2 million

SFU has served as the Canadian Executing Agency for CIDA’s and Environment and Climate Change Canada (formerly Environment Canada) CCICED Projects, through which Canada’s support to CCICED is channeled.

The CCICED Phase VI Project Office at SFU, which reports to the SFU International office and is located in the Faculty of Environment, has two functions:

  • To manage Canada’s contribution to the Council for the first two years of Phase VI, totaling $3.2 M; and.
  • To act as the Secretariat International Support Office (SISO) for the Council, assisting and mobilizing international support for Council members and the Council’s Secretariat in China.

Among other functions, in addition to Canada’s funds, SISO manages other international donors’ contributions in support of the work of the Council.

For more details on Phase V and previous phases, please visit the CCICED website.


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