Eastern Indonesia Universities Development Project (EIUDP) (1987-2002)



Simon Fraser University


Institut Teknologi Bandung 
Institut Pertanian Bogor 
University of Gadjah Mada 
University of Indonesia 
Universitas Hasanuddin 


Canadian International Development Agency


The EIUDP aimed to: strengthen teaching programs, primarily in the basic sciences that support the applied sciences’ role in regional development at five campuses in four eastern Indonesian universities, in Manado, Ambon, Kendari, Jayapura and Manokwari; and promote long-term linkages between Indonesian and Canadian institutions.

This was done by creating new Faculties of Science and establishing English Language Training Centres (ELTCs) for faculty at each of the five university campuses.

The services and resources delivered by the Project included: 

  • Provision and management of 229 degree programs at the S1, S2. and S3 levels and diploma program in Canada, Indonesia, and the ASEAN region.
  • Provision and management of short-term training to an estimated 7,100 participants (teaching staff, library and lab personnel, and university administration/leaders).
  • Provision of over 1,400 person-months of long-term technical assistance.
  • Mobilization of 350 Indonesian faculty members and other experts, over 170 Canadian experts from twenty-eight Canadian universities, and other agencies to provide technical assistance services and training.
  • 74 members of the faculties and staff of SFU served as short-term technical advisors and trainers.
  • Provision of equipment for computer centres, libraries, and language laboratories.