Maldives Post-secondary Education and Skills Development (PPTA) (2002-2003)


Commonwealth of Learning
Simon Fraser University


Asian Development Bank


The purpose of this project was to undertake a comprehensive review of post-secondary education, skills development and labour force needs in the Maldives. Participatory planning techniques were used by international and local consultants to determine key issues and constraints to greater participation of Maldivian youth in the labour force. Based on the findings of the National consultations, the final report and recommendations formed the basis of a $6 million loan project approved by the ADB.


Over 500 people provided direct input into the design of the proposed loan project. Meaningful involvement of the private sector in the consultations, on the advisory committee, and as key source for data to specify human resource needs was considered an innovative and appropriate approach to designing a framework for future skills training.

Team Leader

Dr. Charles Joyner
Team Leader/Education Management Specialist, SFU