shack housing

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    Keywords: Cambridge BayD.E.W. LineemploymentNorthern Co-ordination and Research Centre, shack housingtents

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    Keywords: architecture and designcrowdingGjoa Havenhistory of housing policyhomeownershiphousing conditionslocal housing authorityNorthwest Territories Housing Corporationshack housingsocial housing

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    Keywords: Arviat (Eskimo Point)healthhousing conditionsindoor air qualityresettlementResolute Bayshack housingtuberculosisWhale Cove

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    Keywords: Arviat (Eskimo Point)Canadian federal governmentcrowdingshack housing, social housingtuberculosis

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    Keywords:  architecture and designBaker LakeCape Dorsetgenderhousekeepingshack housingsocial housing

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    Keywords: Baker LakeemploymentNorthern Co-ordination and Research Centreresettlementshack housingtents

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    Keywords: employmentIqaluit (Frobisher Bay)Northern Co-ordination and Research Centreshack housingsocial housingtuberculosis

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    Keywords: employmenthousing conditionsIqaluit (Frobisher Bay)Northern Co-ordination and Research Centreshack housingsocial housingtents