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IRMACS Day is the annual celebration of the IRMACS Centre. The photo galleries in the left column of the table below are photos from these events, but IRMACS Day is much more than just photos. For a more complete list of the activities that happen on IRMACS Day, please go to the IRMACS Day web page.

In addition to IRMACS Day, the Centre hosts a number of other social events throughout the year that help to bring the ever-changing IRMACS research community together.  Photo galleries from IRMACS Day and other events are listed below.

8th Anniversary     Pi Day 2013 
7th Anniversary Christmas 2012 Halloween 2012 Pi Day 2012
6th Anniversary Christmas 2011 Halloween 2011 Pi Day 2011
5th Anniversary Christmas 2010 Halloween 2010 Pi Day 2010
4th Anniversary Christmas 2009 Halloween 2009 Pi Day 2009
3rd Anniversary Christmas 2008 Halloween 2008 Pi Day 2008
  Christmas 2007 Halloween 2007 Pi Day 2007
1st Anniversary Christmas 2006 Halloween 2006
Grand Opening Christmas 2005    

Miscelleaneous Galleries

Architecture Construction Meeting Rooms
Life at IRMACS Math Girl Episode 2 Premier Flyin' Brian's IRMACS Superstars
CUMC 2007 Guest Speakers The Presentation Studio Comes to Life
SFU New Faculty Orientation 2007 Summer Conferences, 2006 Sequences and Codes Conference
GIMMC and IPSW Conferences Tesla Day 2006 Henry Daniel - IRMACS Artist in Residence

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