The IRMACS Centre is run by its Executive Management Team and is supported by the:

Executive Management Team and Staff

The IRMACS Executive Management Team consists of Founding Director Dr. Peter Borwein, the Executive Director Dr. Felix Breden, the Managing Directo Pam Borghardt, the Deputy Directors Dr. Veselin Jungic and Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, and the Technical Director Dr. Brian Corrie. The Executive Management Team is supported by technical and research support staff.

The Executive Management Team and the staff are responsible for the operations of the facility, including day-to-day decision making, budget allocation, resource assignment, policy recommendations, and strategic planning. The Executive Management Team presents the operating plans for the Centre to the IRMACS Management Committee for approval, which in turn works with the Board of Trustees and the External Advisory Committee to ensure the strategic direction is in line with SFU's and the national and international research communities' directions.

The research support staff are responsible for strategic operations, administrative tasks, scheduling, and managing interactions with the researchers for non-technical issues. The technical support staff manage and operate the computational infrastructure, including the desktop computer, server, data storage, networking, audio/visual, human-computer interaction, collaboration, and visualization technologies.

This was my first real interaction with IRMACS, and I was amazed at how wonderful the staff and the facilities were.
As a speaker, it was certainly a pleasure to have everything work on the first try ...
Soroosh Yazdani, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario