Mission, Vision & Goals of the IRMACS Centre


Our Mission

By removing the traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines and physical boundaries due to distance, the IRMACS Centre:

  • nurtures interdisciplinary research, collaborative interaction, and creativity at regional, national and international levels;
  • promotes sharing of its resources, laboratory space, seminar and discussion rooms, and a broad array of specialized equipment;
  • provides researchers from diverse backgrounds with versatile, technologically sophisticated infrastructure and state-of-the-art computational, visualization and communication resources;
  • fosters community involvement;
  • serves as an open space for scientific and community events; and
  • by providing inspiration and enlightenment, helps scientists from all walks of academic life to perform their research at the highest level.

Our Vision

  • The IRMACS Centre is designed to facilitate creative collaboration and the exchange of scientific ideas
  • The IRMACS Centre is committed to promoting new initiatives that challenge existing standards, expand current scientific boundaries, and create new benchmarks
  • The IRMACS Centre is dedicated to attracting and sustaining excellent researchers whose primary laboratory tool is the computer
  • The IRMACS Centre serves its members through first class technical and administrative support
  • The IRMACS Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities
  • The IRMACS Centre achieves its goals with the support of its dedicated members, staff and leaders

Our Goals

  • To champion groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research
  • To enable collaborative interaction - intellectually, physically and virtually
  • To build a network of SFU researchers as well as short term and long term visitors from diverse disciplines
  • To facilitate and host events that both promote leading-edge research as well as the bridging of science and art
  • To establish long lasting connections with similar institutions across the world
  • To be a hub for Simon Fraser University's research

Our Motto

Memento audere semper! Remember to always be daring!