IRMACS Centre's Management Committee


The Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the operational direction of the IRMACS Centre, setting policy, and making recommendations on the assignment of resources. Meeting on a monthly basis, the Management Committee assesses and approves recommendations from the Executive Management Team. The Management Committee reports to the IRMACS Board of Directors for oversight, particularly regarding University interests.

The IRMACS Centre Management Committee currently consists of the following members:

Pam Borghardt IRMACS Centre Managing Director
Peter Borwein IRMACS Centre, Mathematics Founding Director, Professor, Burnaby Mountain Chair
Felix Breden IRMACS Centre, Biological Sciences Executive Director, Professor
Uwe Glaesser Computing Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences Professor, Dean Pro Tem
Jinko GrahamStatistics & Actuarial ScienceAssociate Professor
Veselin Jungic IRMACS Centre, Mathematics Deputy Director, Associate Chair
Arne Mooers Biological Sciences Professor
Dugan O'NeilPhysics, Compute CanadaProfessor
Fred Popowich Computing Science, Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics (VIVA) Professor, Director
Alexander Rutherford Complex Systems Modelling Group CSMG Scientific Director, Adjunct Professor
Andrew Sixsmith IRMACS Centre, Gerontology Research Centre Deputy Director, Professor
Dave TownsendSFU IT ServicesDirector, Infrastructure Services
Ljiljana Trajkovic Engineering Science Professor