About the ISTLD

A central activity of the ISTLD since 2007 has been the facilitation of the Teaching and Learning Development Grants (TLDG) program. This program has been continually funded by the Vice-Presidents, Academic (John Waterhouse 2007-2010, Jonathan Driver 2011-2016, and Peter Keller 2016-present).  TLDG grants are typically for $6K, although two-phase grant projects with additional funding are also possible.

In addition to supporting the TLDG program, the ISTLD also engages in other activities to realize its mandate. For example, the Dewey Fellow program offers faculty members who have completed at least one TLDG project to spend a year working with the ISTLD in a variety of ways and to conduct teaching and learning research that goes beyond their own practice.

The ISTLD conducts an ongoing evaluation of the TLDG program (see reports and projects) and other ISTLD activities, and contributes to the literature devoted to program evaluation and the scholarship of teaching and learning (see ISTLD team publications + presentations).