Pauline Tiong

Research Assistant


Pauline is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the Mathematics Education PhD program at Simon Fraser University, focusing on exploring the role of language in mathematics education. She has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching and previously taught Mathematics to both primary and secondary students for more than ten years as a teacher in Singapore. She also had many opportunities working with teachers in the designing of meaningful learning experiences for students as part of teacher professional development through her work at the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Hence, Pauline has always been thinking about how teaching and learning can be enhanced when she worked with teachers who were keen to improve their teaching practice or involved in the design and implementation of research projects relevant to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
Prior to joining the TILT team, Pauline has worked as the research assistant on a few Teaching and Learning Grant Projects. Her experience in these projects has greatly enhanced her belief that teachers and instructors, regardless of the levels they teach, can be (and should be) engaged in varying aspects of the SoTL so long as they care about enhancing their own teaching practice to make the students’ learning experiences better. She is most excited to have the opportunity to engage in more SoTL discussions and research with the teaching community at SFU in her future work in the TILT team.