Sheri Fabian

Director, TILT, and University Lecturer, School of Criminology


Dr. Sheri Fabian is a University Lecturer in the School of Criminology. She is actively involved in ongoing discussions with her FASS colleagues regarding the scholarship of teaching and learning and is particularly interested in the pedagogy surrounding experiential learning in the classroom, and the creation of safe and inclusive classroom spaces.

Sheri earned a 2019 3M National Teaching Fellowship and was awarded the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award (2016) and the SFU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Cormack Excellence in Teaching Award (2014). Sheri is also a faculty mentor for the graduate student Certificate Program for University Teaching and Learning as well as for new faculty in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She has served as an Academic Integrity Advisor since 2008. Sheri has received five Teaching and Learning Development grants including her current grant that focuses on pedagogical to decolonizing and Indigenizing our classes.