Blair Redlin

Blair Redlin is a public policy researcher based in Vancouver. He retired from the research staff of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in 2012, after working for many years at both the B.C. Regional Office of CUPE as well as at national headquarters. He primarily supported CUPE’s municipal sector in B.C., providing both bargaining support as well as research on many policy issues including public recycling and waste reduction, public sewage treatment and public transportation.

During the 1990s, Blair worked as a senior administrator in the B.C. public service. Amongst other assignments, he served as Deputy Minister of Transportation and Highways, President of the B.C. Transportation Financing Authority, Deputy Minister of Employment and Investment and President of the Transportation Association of Canada. He was the provincial negotiator for the Columbia Basin Accord that resulted in the creation of the Columbia Basin Trust and was Chair of the Board of Highway Constructors Ltd. which was the employer of construction labour for the Vancouver Island Highway Project and other major transportation projects.”