Summer 2020 Courses

LBST 101 - Introducing Labour Studies

Section Instructor
LBST 101 C100
LBST 101 D100 John-Henry Harter

LBST 230 - Special Topics in Labour Studies (Media, Popular Culture, and the Working Class)

Section Instructor
LBST 230 D100 Matthew Greaves

LBST 301W - Labour Movements: Issues, Images and Popular Culture

Section Instructor
LBST 301W D100 Benjamin Anderson

LBST 306 - The Political Economy of Labour Markets: Critical and Radical Approaches

Section Instructor
LBST 306 D100 Benjamin Anderson

LBST 308 - The Labour Process: Technological Change and the Future of Work

Section Instructor
LBST 308 D100 Matthew Greaves

LBST 311 - Labour and the Environment

Section Instructor
LBST 311 D100 John-Henry Harter

LBST 330 - Selected Topics in Labour Studies (Gender, Labour and Public Policy)

Section Instructor
LBST 330 D100 Xinying Hu
LBST 330 D200 Sherry Breshears
LBST 330 D300 Linda Elmose
LBST 330 E100 Laya Behbahani

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