2018 Learning Together Conference –
a graduate student conference in education research

2018 Conference Theme

The Intersubjective Emergent: Engagement and Synergy

One way to characterize education is in terms of ‘pedagogical tools’. At the heart of this notion is the great mystery of how knowledge emerges within learning encounters. To help us understand this mystery we turn to theories of teaching, theories of learning and theories of knowledge. Perhaps teaching, learning and knowledge are independent of one another, or maybe they are aspects of the same phenomenon. There is also the possibility that something else is going on, which we have yet to discover. Regardless, we recognize the potential for new knowledge when we engage one another as learners. This year’s theme is an illumination of this potential and the intersubjectivity that stems from sharing our work and ideas.   

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus
13450-102 Avenue, Surrey
British Columbia, Canada

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