Learning Together 2012 – Collaboration as a Path to Transformation

Date: May 4-5, 2012
: Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus
13450-102 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada

2012 Conference Theme

We often describe education as a transformative process from which a person emerges with new attitudes and beliefs. But how are we to promote and support this transformative process? We can think of education as a symbiotic relationship where pedagogical lines intertwine, and, as leading gives way to supporting, learning becomes mutual. We can feel the presence of this type of education whenever collaborative experiences come into being. Through collaboration, we allow different perspectives to coexist.

A respect for difference gives rise to unforeseen ways of understanding, which all can witness and collaboratively hold. It is in this context that we invite you to join us and partake in a celebration of collaborative learning.

Keynote Speaker, May 4 – Dr. Mario Pinto

Dr. Pinto was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and received his B.Sc. degree and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Queen’s University. He is currently Professor of Chemistry and Vice-President, Research at Simon Fraser University. Pinto, a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada and Royal Society of Canada, has received numerous awards and honors for his research, leadership, and community service.

Pinto is a pioneer in the field of chemical biology, having developed novel NMR/molecular modeling protocols for the study of bioactive ligand conformations when bound to proteins, the syntheses of enzyme inhibitors as agents against Type-2 diabetes, viruses and mycobacteria, and bacterial vaccines. Interest in reviving the lost art of dialogue in scholarly pursuits underpins Pinto’s innovations in research.

As Vice-President, Research, Pinto is an advocate for university research and guides policy development at the university, provincial and national levels. He is a champion for multi-disciplinary approaches to global problems and for establishing national and international linkages in research, technology, and education. Pinto has been instrumental in facilitating India-Canada collaborations in areas of infectious diseases, population and public health, clean energy technologies, and resource and environmental management. Underscoring Pinto’s work is a dedication to revitalizing dialogue that advances scholarly inquiry through collaboration.

Keynote Speaker, May 5 – Dr. Robin Brayne

Pondering, Mucking, with Data, Theorizing, and Taking Action Finding Solutions Together: The Context for Collaboration

Dr. Robin Brayne, a former Superintendent of Schools and Chief Executive Officer is a lecturer, and Director of Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. His teaching interests are in the areas of educational governance, school law, leadership studies, policy studies and education reform. Dr. Brayne is the Associate Director, Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy (CSELP), Simon Fraser University.

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