About the Learning Together Conference


The Learning Together Conference (LTC) is an annual event organized by SFU graduate students and faculty. LTC showcases scholarship in a variety of educational topics, promotes graduate student research in Education and offers opportunities for presentations, workshops, and networking with peers. The topics of conference sessions can be as diverse as the communities that comprise our Faculty of Education.

Presentation Formats:

  • Standalone presentations: 15 min
  • Panels of Faculty members/students and/or graduate colleagues: 15 min/presenter
  • Workshops: 80 min
  • Posters
  • Roundtable discussions (propose theme and facilitate discussion with breakout rooms): 80min.

We encourage diverse presentation formats: oral presentations, posters, video and multimedia, performance, body movement, etc., Propose your idea!!

Pre-recorded presentations are permitted, as long as the presenter(s) join the session to answer questions, and the video/material is prepared exclusively for this conference.

What to PresentResearch Papers, Case Studies, Reports on Related Issues, Work-In-Progress…

Who is this conference for?

Attendance at this conference is open to everyone associated with Simon Fraser University, other post-secondary institutions, school districts and others interested in educational and research activities occurring in Faculties of Education.

Conference Co-Hosts

SFU Faculty of Education

We are a global education leader engaged in research and scholarly inquiry, committed to advancing knowledge and dedicated to improving the practice of teaching and the learning experience.

Visit SFU Faculty of Education website

Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

The Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA), run by volunteers from the education graduate student community, provides a considerable number of services that support the graduate student community. The EGSA also provides student representation to the faculty, advocating for student needs and concerns.

All graduate students from the Faculty are welcome to attend the association's monthly general meetings. We are seeking members to fill executive positions.

Visit the EGSA website for more information on upcoming meetings, past meeting minutes and how to get involved with the EGSA.

SFU Educational Review

The SFU Educational Review is an online journal operated by education grad students. Since its inception in 2007, its focus has been to highlight master and doctoral research in education. For grad students, this is a great opportunity to turn your conference presentation or course papers into published articles. For alumni, this is a great opportunity to publish a paper that draws on your dissertation and professional work.

Learn more about the SFU Educational Review